Map and Route

Who are we? Innovation drivers in Geo-Information

Since 2000, map and route LLC creates and realises anything, concerning maps.

Maps and cartography

A basic function by Map and Route is creating (city) maps and forming respectively individual characteristics (as shape and colour), according to the customer's needs. This accounts also for improving maps by additional content - with areas such as print, web and mobile web.

Our digitized maps are accessible for vast areas and are automatically generated, the moment they are being used.

By being associated with the information portals and our maps qualitatively up-value the local search by aerial images and other views.


Web mapping and content

In the Web particularly the Mobile Web, surplus- and additional information with a geo-reference cannot be avoided these days. This is why we both constantly and persistently work on establishing new co-operations and hence providing valuable additional content to our users. The user can retrieve data about the departure time at bus- tramway stops and underground stations (which blend in on the display as so-called POIs) additional to their location.


Navigation- and routing-app

V-Navi represents another important linchpin of Map and Route LLC. With infoware LLC as our associate, we steadily develop more features to make V-Navi even more appealing. For a considerable amount of time, there is a pilot project to our app, which is developed together with the German institution “Frauenhofer Institut”: A V-Navi combination between individual transport and local public transport. In this process, it has been achieved to establish an intelligent crossover between several means of transport. As an instance, the user will be guided to his destination, regardless of occurring traffic jams, traffic accidents or any other relevant interferences on the roads, because the V-Navi-smart-app will then inform the user about the most fitting departure times and changing possibilities of local public transport, which then will bring the user reliably to destination.

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